A story of too much stress

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As one banker put it on LinkedIn:

“Working from home during the pandemic had led to a blurring of the line between my work and personal life. I was finishing work up to 3 hours later in the evenings and often working on weekends. This is not how I planned my Sunday. I sat down at my desk at 4 p.m. to prep for this week’s work. Then I couldn’t really breathe. My chest felt constrained, I had what I can only describe as surges in my left arm, my neck, my ears were popping”. He made to his bedroom and alerted his wife who called 999.

He wrote from hospital,”I’ve since made the following decisions, on the basis I don’t die:

  • I’m not spending all day on Zoom anymore.
  • I’m restructuring my approach to work.
  • I’m really not going to be putting up with any s*** at work again. life literally is too short.
  • I’m losing 15 kg.
  • I want everyday to count for something at work, else I’m changing my role.
  • I want more time with my family.”
  • “That so far is what near death has taught me. I started to work weekends. That’s my responsibility. I think that was probably for me where it was those blurring of boundaries.”

His post has been viewed more than 8 million times. “I don’t think this should reflect badly on the place where I work, I think it’s fairly consistent across the industry and that’s why it’s resonated with so many people.”

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Ways to reduce too much stress & burnout

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Ways to guard mental health

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