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 1. Prevent diabetes

Remember 1 in 3 adults in England has ‘pre-diabetes’ as do half of those who are overweight and over 40 years old [evidence ref. 19]. You can use pre-diabetes to help you or one of your family avoid going on to get diabetes. This can need a change of lifestyle.

Almost 1 million adults with diabetes in UK do not know they have it [28].

Heart Attack
2. Prevent heart & blood diseases

1 in 3 adults in England and Scotland have high blood pressure, and half of them are not receiving treatment [33]. 3 out of every 4 of those with diabetes die from heart or blood vessels diseases including strokes [4]. This can mean changing your lifestyle, managing stress and/or lowering your blood pressure.

Image Of Small Red Heart3. Protect mental health:

if worried, refer yourself for a short chat and test with a talking therapist from home in England’s NHS. Better catch it early!

Image Of Small Red Heart 4. Prevent pneumonia and shingles:

– e.g. vaccines available! And then you could be a protector for other people.

Image Of Small Red Heart5. Prevent cancers:

Can screen for several types, some via home test kits. New screening tool in 2021!

Image Of Small Red Heart6. Want to prevent kidney disease? What are my personal risks of kidney disease?

Image Of Small Red Heart7. Prevent strokes

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