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Which long-term condition/disease do you want to prevent?

 1. Prevent diabetes

Remember 1 in 3 adults in England has ‘pre-diabetes’ as do half of those who are overweight and over 40 years old [evidence ref. 19]. You can use pre-diabetes to help you or one of your family avoid going on to get diabetes. This can need a change of lifestyle. and steps to prevent kidney diseases.

Almost 1 million adults with diabetes in UK do not know they have it [28].

heart attack
2. Prevent heart & blood diseases

1 in 3 adults in England and Scotland have high blood pressure, and half of them are not receiving treatment [33]. 3 out of every 4 of those with diabetes die from heart or blood vessels diseases including strokes [4]. This can mean changing your lifestyle, managing stress and/or lowering your blood pressure.

image of small red heart3. Protect mental health:

if worried, refer yourself to a psychologist for a short test. Better catch it early!

image of small red heart 4. Prevent pneumonia and shingles:

– vaccines available!

image of small red heart5. Prevent cancers:

can screen for several types, some via home test kits.

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