Your health planning

Here is a suggested framework for your own personal plan, with links to web  pages with useful actions for a health plan.  [Time to read: 6 mins]

Placeholder ImageSuggest you open a new file, and give it a name like ‘My health plan’. Start by copying headings that are important to you, from the ones listed below. Then, as you read health web pages and health magazines e.g. Balance, enter your plan actions under the right heading. Plans needs to include:

Your plan will include some of the following that you choose as being important for you. Click on the links and put the headings you want into your plan.

Framework of your diabetes prevention plan

Frameworks of your heart diseases prevention plan & strokes prevention plan

Living with heart failure: Personal record, This is from BHF helping you to keep  important notes about your heart failure, e.g. symptoms, medication and treatments, all in one place. It will help you & your health professionals to track your progress. Copy this personal record framework, or part of it, into your plan if needed.

Actions? pointing finger2 Decide which sections, above, you want to put in your own health plan. Copy their sub-headings into your own ‘my health plan’ file. Then decide your detailed actions, dates by, or how often, and targets. Put them in your draft plan, to discuss with your doctor.

page updated 12 May 2018.  © 2018 by social enterprise™ Ltd.

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