Why Plan your health?

  1.  Why your own health plan? 
  2.  What is a personal health plan? 
  3.  Benefits of your own plan?  
  4.  Next steps in your planning.    [Time to read: 6 mins.]

1. Why your own health plan?

  • Do you have any personal health plan or targets at present? 
  • What would be health success for you?
  • Want to know more about self-managing & reducing your own risks of diabetes, heart diseases or strokes?
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If Yes, suggest work on the detail of your own personal care plan. Then discuss and develop it with your doctor team. 

As the new NHS long-term plan [Jan. 2019] says, “Patients’ Personal Health Records will hold a care plan that includes information added by the patient, or their home carers. Making care plans available to the patient and all clinicians caring for them will help ensure the right care actions are taken in good time” [para. 5.15].

2. What is a personal healthcare plan?

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Care planning is discussions with you, your home carer(s), your doctor and other health specialists you use. Together, look at all your needs with you, to ensure you get the right care. “Everyone with a long-term condition should have a written healthcare plan, if they want one”. Read the UK NHS on What is a care plan? and how to review it.

3.  Benefits of your own plan:

* Helps you to live on your own, have more control over your health and a better quality of life, supported by your health professional team.

* Sets out in writing your own health needs, health outcomes you want to achieve, and how you will achieve them. So you and your home carer will not forget the details!

*If you put dates, and how often you will do them, on actions in your plan then you can use your Google mobile phone, tablet or PC to remind you of these actions and dates.

*  If you have health worries, note these in your plan to discuss with your doctor.

* If you have a long-term condition, you need a quick and simple plan to pass on to new medical staff at home or away. This says what they, or a passer-by, should do if a problem arises and lists sources of support. Could it save your life?  I carry a summary medical card on me, always!

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Suggest you create a new file on your smart mobile, desktop PC or tablet, and name it, ‘My health plan’. Then start copying the headings that are important to you, from the ones listed on your health plan page. This gives you a framework for  your plan.

Then, as you read these and other health web pages and trusted health magazines e.g. Balance, with your home carer you can decide on your actions, and begin to put them in your plan under those headings.

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