Stroke Q&A

Often asked questions about preventing a stroke:

Why does NHS Choices say,

taking blood pressure


“High blood pressure puts you at high risk of having a stroke”?


What is my personal risk of getting a stroke in the next 10 years?

Why are regular exercise, a sensible diet,  and not smoking all important?

If you have diabetes, how can good blood sugars control reduce your health risks? [4].

Is there a good stroke Helpline? And somewhere I can talk with others who have had a stroke?



Want a look at other NHS answers on avoiding a stroke?

Which are the 11 population screening programmes in England?

How to get the best from your doctor/GP?

Actions?  pointing finger2If you take decisions on your next steps, using the answers to these questions, recommend writing them into your draft personal healthcare plan,  for discussion with your doctor/GP.

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