Manage diabetes

Here are 10 simple ways for you to stop or delay the serious complications of diabetes.

You are more likely to get  heart diseases and strokes from which most of us with diabetes die [4],   Also kidney problems, and foot ulcers  that can lead to losing part of your foot. These ways, to improve your health and live longer, link you to NHS clear and trusted answers, and recent research.                [Time to read: 6 mins]

  1. Regular diabetes check-ups help to make sure your condition doesn’t lead to other health problems. Most of us with diabetes fail to achieve our treatment targets [22].
  2. NICE recommends you go for a diabetes retinal eye screening every year? Helps to prevent sight loss.

3. Diabetes and foot care – read NHS Choices on this. Must read the whole foot-ulcer1web page and when to get NHS help. Look at ‘Foot problems’ photos to avoid foot ulcers and worse, e.g. Why important to choose the right shoes? Remember to moisturise your feet often to keep the skin supple, and always wear shoes and socks that fit you properly.


fitness man running

Charity Diabetes UK says you need to manage your regular exercise better.


5. NHS Choices recommends you to avoid diabetes kidney problems.

Stop sign6. If you smoke, stop. Diabetes worsens the effects of smoking on your heart. Get Local NHS support to quit smoking.


7. Depression is twice as common in people with diabetes, but often not recognised [Li et al, 2010]. This can lead to you not doing all your treatments, and  to high blood sugars [28]. The BBC’s Doctor says you should ask yourself  questions every year to check for depression. The 2 most important ones are [24], “Have you found little pleasure or interest in doing things?” and ” Have you found yourself feeling down, depressed or hopeless? ” A yes to either question should result in a visit to, and a formal assessment by a GP.       Look at: Lawrence’s video story about his depression, & his solution.

8. Four out of every 5 people with diabetes die from a heart disease or a stroke [4]. Want to check your personal risk of heart diseases & strokes now? [16]. Enter your % risk in your own plan. Want to reduce your risks? Read pages on prevent heart diseases, and prevent strokes, and put your decisions on actions in your own plan.

9. Visit a Diabetes & Heart Forum for patients, to see what others like you have done, and what was successful?  Try charity Diabetes UK’s Learning ZoneWatch a teenager’s story about getting Type 1 diabetes.

10. Any Diabetes & Eating Disorders?  Read NHS NICE on how to  recognise and treat [26].

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