Manage heart diseases

6 ways to manage your lifestyle better after a heart attack or other heart problem. And enjoy your health for longer. [Time to read: 4 mins]

Why lifestyle so important?

Runners feet1.  People who follow the UK NHS guidelines for a healthy diet – 8 simple tips for you, and take regular exercise have lower rates of heart diseases and deaths [14, 18, 19].

2.  Read how others like you, and their home carers, have improved their heart health, in the Heart Blogs here. Could you learn from them?

3.  To reduce your blood pressure (BP), if it is high, is important. It affects 1 in 3 adults in England [33].Source: PHE 0917

Every 10 mm Hg reduction in blood pressure reduces your chances of getting heart diseases (by 17%), having strokes (by 27%), heart failures (by 28%) [33]. Small changes can improve your health a lot.  [source: PHE, 2017]

4. Follow treatments your doctor recommends. Also here are 12 extra ways to cut your blood pressure without drugs.

5. For other heart diseases, the NHS can help you manage them after heart surgery using these links: a) After a coronary artery bypass graft; b) after an aortic valve replacement; c) after heart pacemaker fitted;  d) about Atrial fibrillation.

planning 1

6.  Actions? pointing finger2Take your own decisions on the 5 points above? And put the actions in your own personal healthcare plan, for discussion with your doctor team? To protect yourself now!

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