Your own health plan?

 Why could you, or should you, start your personal health and healthcare plan? Or help one you love to do so?

Many of us are now starting to get big personal health data from our digital monitors, smart watches, smartphone apps. Examples include home blood pressure & heart rate monitors, Cycling & Walking exercise recorders, all with their own apps; and our own NHS app health record. What are you doing with this data?

One day soon our health data will become our own health data, and our duty will be to take action before we get seriously ill — not after. Self-monitoring is now the future of healthcare. Our patients have experienced the convenience of telehealth and 90% are satisfied with the experience [, USA 2020 telehealth survey].

As the new NHS long-term plan [Jan. 2019] says, “Patients’ Personal Health Records will hold a personal care plan that includes information added by the patients themselves, or their home carers. Making care plans available to the patient and all clinicians caring for them will help ensure the right care actions are taken in good time” [para. 5.15]. .

“This is a no-brainer,” Dr Michael Snyder, the director of the Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine at Stanford University, tells us. “Everyone already does home shopping. Why would we not do home healthcare? Why wait to go to a doctor’s office where you can get a virus?”

Today there are three times as many people aged over 85 than there were in 1971. As England’s older population increases, the number of people living with ill health or long-term health conditions, will also increase. In 2017, 85-89 year olds had twice the rate of ill health than those aged 50-54., e.g. diabetes, heart diseases, strokes.

Patient activation’ describes the knowledge, skills and confidence a person has in managing their own health and care. Evidence shows that when people are supported to become more activated, they benefit from better health outcomes, improved experiences of care and fewer hospital admissions [Health Foundation, August 2018].

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