Layout of your plan

Your healthcare plan is likely to become a big document as you add things to it. So do not rush it, choose to work on one section of it at a time. e.g. when you want to look up heart diseases or your risks of getting them, or want to discuss one health topic with your GP. Then enter notes in that section – you can always change the notes or actions suggested later. So your plan will become a living and useful document.

1. Plan contents (list), and date

2. Plan summary

If you get big personal health data directly from your own digital monitors, smart watches, and smartphone apps including your own NHS app record, please summarise here:

  • Note any abnormal blood tests.
  • Diary of your blood pressure readings taken during the last 12-months.
  • Summary of your current lifestyle readings, inc. exercise, weight, diet and alcohol.
  • Any physical problems with your body or limbs, including pains swellings and arthritis etc.
  • My health questions, worries that I need to discuss with my doctors and nurses are…

My draft personal healthcare plan on how to prevent up to 10 different serious diseases, is below, (not yet) ready to discuss with my doctors.

3. What you need to know about me

  • My NHS no.  
  • Hospital no.
  • My date of birth:
  • My home carer: name and contact details.
  • GP contact details.
  • My current health problems, including treatments and medications
  • What a person nearby should do for me if I am helpless or injured…
  • Allergies:
  • Afraid of medical items?
  • Other family members nearby, contact details.
  • Personally, when I am out, I always carry an emergency card with most of this on it.

4. My lifestyle, including regular exercise, weight, diet and alcohol consumption.

5. Any physical body and limbs problems?

Include pain, swellings, skin discolorations, accident damage.

6. My abnormal blood tests, and 12 months diary of blood pressure readings.

7. Plan to prevent 11 serious diseases:

Some of the ways to prevent the following diseases and conditions are set out in the separate web page called ‘Plan to prevent 11 diseases’.

  1. Guard mental health.
  2. Prevent diabetes.
  3. Prevent and manage high blood pressure.
  4. Manage fats/cholesterol in the blood.
  5. Prevent congestive heart failure (CHF).
  6. Prevent blood clots.
  7. Prevent eye and sight problems
  8. Prevent neuropathy when nerves in the body’s arms or feet are damaged, and falls and other outer limb problems can occur.
  9. Prevent ongoing kidney diseases.
  10. Prevent and screen for cancers
  11. Vaccinations to prevent pneumonia and shingles.

8. References to medical evidence used in this plan.

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