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Nigel Crawford

Nigel Crawford MA MBCS CITP CMC is founding Director of social enterprise Ltd. Our small team delivers Health websites and digital health tools to people with a Long Term Condition or at high risk of one. We help those at risk of up to 10 long-term diseases, to prevent diabetes, prevent heart diseases and strokes, prevent cancers, prevent mental health problems and too much stress, prevent kidneys diseases, pneumonia and shingles. We encourage them to take actions, based on the latest health research across the world; and help them to put these actions and their own health targets into their personal health plan to discuss with their doctors. Recent research shows that this will help them to avoid many visits to medical surgeries and hospitals where there may be viruses; live up to 19 more years in “good health" as they age”. A healthy lifestyle at mid-life (not smoking, not overweight, regular exercise, moderate alcohol intake and a good diet) means they will live 8 to 9 years longer free of major long term diseases. So their risks of serious complications such as heart failures and foot amputations will be reduced. NHS costs will also be reduced, which is important. Nigel is a Chartered IT professional (CITP). Having had diabetes for many years, he is a Diabetes Patient Advocate member of the PPI team at the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre. He is a life member of Charity Diabetes UK Campaigners Network. He helps patients groups and NHS primary care partnerships in South East England to implement new NICE diabetes and heart diseases service standards and innovations. He has contributed to the Mayor of London & GLA Tech Londoners' health programme, by leading or participating in 12 workshops for Londoners to understand their needs for better health services for long-term conditions such as diabetes & heart diseases. This feedback has been used in creating this website. This website is under continuous development.