Hi! Why we need personal health plan to prevent diseases

Why a personal health plan to prevent diseases?

What health matters to you & yours?

So, start a diseases prevention plan now?

1. Hi! Why personal health plans to prevent diseases?

2. What matters to you & your’s about 5 ways to stay healthy?

3. So, disease prevention actions for you?

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1. Welcome! Why we need personal health plans to prevent diseases? Here you could prevent up to 10 diseases

1.1. For people of middle age (40 to 60) who now want to improve their future health, check their risks of up to 10 lifelong diseases, and take simple steps to prevent them. 2021 research by UCL finds 1 in 3 British adults suffer from two or more long-term diseases in middle age, such as back problems, mental ill-health, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high-risk drinking [evidence ref. no. 57].

1.2. Some of us are short of money, and living in crowded city areas where long-term health is poor. This UCL research found that these people are at much greater risk of having multiple long-term health problems in their late 40s [57].

1.3. Some of us older people have seen our elderly friends and family suffer bad health. We want to age enjoying much better health.

1.4. So this website aims to help you and your’s prevent up to 10 long-term diseases that you could be at risk of, and so live up to 12 years longer in good health. We give you links to the best steps to prevent these diseases, using the latest world health research. e.g. best ways to protect mental health, published in March 2021.

2. What matters to you & your family about your health? e.g. 5 ways to prevent lifestyle diseases?

image 6What is high blood pressure (BP)? How do I manage BP?

1 person in every 3 adults has high blood pressure [NHS, 2018]. Most of us have no symptoms of this “silent killer”. Half those with high blood pressure are not receiving any treatment, so are at risk of a stroke or heart diseases [33]. So they need to take actions now.

image 6How do we check heart, stroke and blood vessels risks? And then manage heart health better? For this, some of us can get an NHS Health Check to measure our risks and help change our lifestyle. If not, ‘do it yourself’ using help on this website to check your risks and prevent heart diseases and prevent strokes. Checking blood pressure is vital.

image 6How to avoid diabetes? Diet to prevent diabetes? What if, like 1 in 3 adults in England, I have ‘pre-diabetes'[?]? Could I use pre-diabetes to help avoid diabetes? Yes!

image 6How best protect my mental health, or of one I love?

If a worry for you, an early test is important. So suggest you Refer to a mental health specialist without bothering your GP in the UK. Good mental health tests can detect memory loss problems with 90% accuracy in a 5-minute test. Then, if needed, you could take the new actions in the 2021 mental health research results.

image 6“What are my other biggest health risks over the next 10 years?

pointing fingerWhat actions could I plan to check my personal risks and prevent another 5 long-term diseases? Go to next pages: prevent Cancers; avoid getting new Viruses; prevent Pneumonia and Shingles; avoid Kidney diseases; cut down if too much Stress?

image 6Tell us your own health question, if you wish. (Use the reply box at bottom of this page). We will come back to you!

3. pointing fingerSo, what next screening tests & risk tests will you take?

  • Check your risks of long-term diseases, by using risks links in diseases listed above.
  • Get UK NHS and other trusted professional help with prevention actions, using guidance links above.
  • Decide on actions and targets, and put in your own draft healthcare plan to discuss with your doctors.
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