Plan to prevent 10 diseases

Plan to prevent up to 10 diseases

Why plan? Which diseases? How plan…


1. What matters to you & your family about your health?

2. Why your own health plan?

3. So, next actions?

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1. What matters to you & your family about your health?

What is meant by high blood pressure (BP)? How do I manage BP?

1 person in every 3 adults has high blood pressure [NHS, 2018]. As USA experts tell us [35] , above 130/80 mmHg. Most have no symptoms of this “silent killer”. Half those with high blood pressure are not receiving any treatment, so are at risk of a stroke or heart diseases [33].

How do we check heart and blood vessels risks? And then manage heart health better?

Diet to prevent diabetes? What can I do if have got pre-diabetes?

Worried about getting viruses, such as covid-19?

“What can go wrong will go wrong”. So, what are my biggest health risks over the next 10 years? What actions could I plan to prevent up to 10 diseases?

One of our older family members gets out of breath too often?

One of our older members has bad falls too often

Tell us your own health question, if you wish. (Use reply box at bottom of this page). We will come back to you!

2. Why your own plan to prevent up to 10 diseases?

To prevent yourself, or your loved ones, getting serious long-term diseases, do not wait! If you delay, the risks will increase.

First, check which diseases you are at risk of, in the next 10 years. To do this, you can use our links in section 3, below, to reliable risk checking tools for each disease. Then look at links here to actions and targets to reduce these health risks from trusted health websites, such as the UK NHS, WHO, American Heart Association, etc. Then discuss their suggested actions with your home carer and doctors and nurses, and put in your own written health plan. This means you will not forget them! And so you can get mobile phone reminders if you want.

Amazing how many people have never had a cholesterol blood test, nor checked their blood pressure. This website gives links to trusted diseases prevention actions, many from the UK NHS, to put in your own health plan, or the plans of family members.

Now you can plan your own better health online, and so avoid many visits to medical surgeries and hospitals where there may be viruses. In 2020 these easy to use digital tools have become very important — possibly life-saving.

  This is a no-brainer,” Dr Michael Snyder, the director of the Centre for Genomics & Personalised Medicine at Stanford University, tells us. “Everyone already does home shopping. Why would we not do home healthcare? Why wait days to go to a doctor’s office where you can get a virus?”

A girl born in a deprived area of UK is expected to live 19 fewer years in “good health” than one born in a least deprived areas [evidence ref. 53]. We all could help change these health differences!

Got 5 minutes? Watch video stories of 5 people living in poverty and poor health.

3. 10 diseases you could prevent now

3.1. Protect your Mental Health? If a worry, refer yourself, or one you love, to a local NHS psychological service (IAPT) for an early 5-minute test, without bothering your GP.

3.2. Prevent Heart diseases? For this some can get a NHS Health Check to measure their risks and help change lifestyle. Or do it yourself with help here on your risks and prevention actions.

3.3. Blood Pressure (BP) problems? A BP test is your best overall health check. Join NHS Health Check programme if you can. If not, look at your own risks and 6 ways to reduce high BP; cut in half your risk of heart diseasesavoid strokes and later dementia.

3.4. Prevent Pneumonia? Two vaccines available. Vaccinations and immunisations are important for your disease prevention, and help you to protect others from viruses. Record them in your health plan.

3.5. Prevent Diabetes – 1 in 3 adults in England has ‘pre-diabetes’ [19]. Could you use ‘pre-diabetes’ to help avoid diabetes?

3.6. Reduce your StressRegular exercise helps reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing. And there are 12 extra ways to cut blood pressure without drugs.

3.7. Shingles? After chickenpox, a virus lies dormant in your nerve cells and can re-activate later when your immune system has weakened. A shingles vaccine is available.

3.8. Kidney diseases? For kidney screening, the NHS uses blood tests. Are yours marked ‘normal’?

3.9. Prevent Cancers1 in every 2 people will develop a cancer during their life [Cancer Research UK, 2015]. Women and men can each be screened for several types of cancer, and more if pregnant. Can screen for some cancers with a home test kit.  4 out of every 10 cancer cases could have been avoided by the patient, says Cancer Research UK!

3.10. Prevent stroke: 7 steps. Top 3 reasons for having a stroke? High blood pressure, high blood pressure & high blood pressure [ref. 1].  Prevent StrokeNHS Health Check is designed to spot early signs of stroke and other diseases, and helps find ways to lower risks, e.g. checking blood pressure is vital. Ask your GP about this. If you cannot get an NHS Health Check, you can all still benefit from your own online stroke risk test. And use local NHS health services for prevention actions, such as lifestyle changes, alcohol reduction services, manage blood pressure.

4. So, next actions?

  • Check your risks of long-term diseases, by using risks links in diseases listed above.
  • Get UK NHS and other trusted professional help with prevention actions, in guidance links above.
  • Decide on actions and targets, and put in your own draft plan to discuss with your doctors.

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