Prevent diabetes, prevent heart diseases and strokes! Your better health is simple..

  1. Prevention website aim   
  2. Health benefits from your prevention actions?
  3. Next step to your better health?

1. Prevention website aim

Trusted UK/NHS health websites we link you to here will help you and your family prevent diabetes, and prevent heart attack, and prevent strokes

Why this new health website? The good news is the latest Public Health England (PHE) statistics say we are all living longer. The bad news is that we’re spending much of our extra time in poor health – around 16 years of ill-health for men and 19 years for women. Not good! Enjoy your health much longer by taking simple steps here.

2. Health benefits from your prevention actions?  [Time to read: 4 mins.]

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2.1. Spot your health problems here, before they hit you. Have the life you want, stay well and enjoy it more, with this support. Share experiences with others here, to learn more about self-manage your health This does not replace advice from your medical doctors and nurses. Helps you understand what they tell you, and reminds you, if you want.

2.2. Record your exercise, blood pressure, and blood sugars, on your  home monitors and smart watches with linked smartphone apps. So work on your own health plan sitting comfortably at home, with your home carer(s) and a mobile/tablet handyThen act earlier to enjoy your health for longer. [Evidence page , references nos. 3, 11, 28].

video2.3. Could you, or one of your family, be one of one million adults in the UK who do not know they have diabetes? [28]. How can you avoid being one of them? Have a look at Pam’s video story on this.

2.4. Or are you one of 7 million UK people unaware they have high blood pressure? [says British Heart Foundation]. Watch video of 10 Warning Signs Your Heart Isn’t Working Properly.

2.5. As onperson 4e person when first told he had diabetes, said, “Initially it really is, erm… certainly was for me, a real – I was in shock. And that begs many questions you want to ask and you’ve got to kind of put in a request to see somebody, no, hang on, why can’t I just have an answer to my question, simple little thing, that’ll put my mind at rest?”  [20]

2.6. Get trusted health knowledge, 24/7, e.g. from the NHS, using this website’s links to the right trusted page you need out of hundreds, from your own questions here.



2.7. Fewer days in hospital, because you act sooner, will improve your life and cut NHS costs [30].

2.8. Most people say they forget within about 3 days their target blood pressure, target weight and other numbers they have agreed with their doctor [. 2015; doi: 10.1186/s12875-015-0390-y]

2.9.  So help to make your own written, health personal plan here as the NHS advises [NG 28] & British Heart Foundation advises.

3. Next steps to your better health?

Prevent diabetes, prevent heart diseases/strokes? And enjoy better health:

pointing finger2Go to menus here to plan your steps to prevent diabetesprevent a heart attack or prevent a stroke, or to answer your own health questions on them.

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